Organic Cacao fruit freshly harvesting
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Organic Cocoa Nibs
Baure organic chocolate bar
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Baure chocolates...From the tree to the bar...From the Amazon to the world...

organic cacao fruit

The art of nature is expressed magically in shapes, colors, scents and flavors of the Amazonian flora and fauna and is in the depths of this jungle where SUMAR LTDA. is founded, benefiting and processing the wild cocoa of the region.

Our products

Cocoa liquor 100% Baure cocoa

Cocoa liquor 100% Baure cocoa

Cocoa liquor 100% Baure cocoa

Cocoa liquor is pure cocoa paste (it doesn´t contains any other ingredient in its production). The Baure chocolate 100% cacao is an organic product certified by the German company CERES GmbH

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Baure Chocolate Couverture 70% Cocoa

Baure Chocolate Couverture 70% Cocoa

Baure Chocolate Couverture 70% Cocoa

The Chocolate couverture 70% is a dark chocolate (also called bitter) and contains only 30% of sugar. This chocolate is strong and intense with a soft sweetness that highlights the characteristic flavors and scents of cocoa.

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Milk Chocolate Couverture

Milk Chocolate Couverture

Milk Chocolate Couverture

The Milk chocolate has a creamy consistency and is normally sweeter than the dark chocolate; probably this is why it is the children's favorite kind of chocolate.

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Chocolate mousse with milk and apricot
Chocolate tart with caramelized bananas
Chocolate with Milk
Cuban kiss
Dobos Tart
Grand Cru tart
Opera tart
Turkey (Guajolote) in classic Mole Poblano
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History of Chocolate

Organic Chocolate and Cocoa Baure

Cocoa is -undoubtedly- a native plant from America. Its original distribution area is the Amazon region, extending to the Orinoco river and Mexico, where it was discovered. The natives cultivated it many years before the arrival of the Spaniards to America. The importance given to this crop was significant because, besides producing and being profitable, the seeds were used as coins by different people of Mesoamerica. In the rest of South America, the cocoa was growing wild in the upper and middle streams of the Amazon and in the upper streams of Orinoco which connects with the headwaters of the Rio Negro, main affluent of the Amazon.


Township Baures

Baures is part of the savannahs of Beni; its plains are flooded when the rivers overflow in the rainy season each year, leaving lakes, ponds and swamps when the waters recede.

The Baure’s people are part of the Arawak’s indigenous group, who arrived 3,000 years B.C. travelling up-river from the Amazon. Baure's people along with the Mojeños built countless hills or embankments, which were placed above the reach of the water, where their villages were established.

The hills were connected to each other by embankments, accompanied by canals that were used as water transport in times of drought. These canals also interconnected fluvial systems and shortened the large river meanders.

Wild organic cacao tree

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